Philosophy and child

In a short, the program ,philosophy for children(p4c), is trying to help children learn skills like speaking, listening , reasoning , criticizing, obligation and social responsibilities in addition to teaching topics like critical thinking, caring thinking, logic and creative thinking. Searching loops, by making motivation for asking questions and thinking about things, provide conversations  to discover truth and research. This program,the main founder is Matthew Lipman, does not want to teach history of philosophy and philosophical ideas but it wants to grow up better citizens for the society by using the philosophy method which is thinking. 



Listen to the others' words and comments carefully


Pay attention to what they have heard and evaluate them.


Choose the best thoughts and not choosing excitements and traditions and superstitious beliefs of the society or their family without thinking logically.

This is exactly what our culture and religion has admired  and even in our holy book, Quran, people who act in this way ,has been promised.

At Kooshesh elementary school, with God's help, we aim to improve mentioned skills for students at preschool up to the second grade of elementary school by using attractive and effective tools (like story, show and cartoon) and some subjects like meeting to myself and my emotions, analysis of ethical issues like bravery ,honesty , fairness and respect will be done in the class.

We hope to reach these goals by your companionship, dear parents.