After  valuable experience of Lego in the toy field, which made this tool known as the best toy of the century, Lego's executives came to the conclusion that this tool has lots of capabilities as an educational help tool since 1980.

Now this complex has based on a new  approach  in the educational world which is named   "learning by making". In this educational style, students  in different ages  encounter a question that should be solved  by a tool by educational Lego. This process leads to the question solving  development by creativity in the students which is one of the most important skills of life.

In most educational systems, only teachers talk and the students does not have any activity and also, these classes will be very boring for them. 

Educational Lego ,knowing these subjects and considering children's abilities and knowledge, presents different methods for different ages. In this method, the lessons have organized in a way that  students are moved in the intended direction with the tools they have,in a controlled way, and they gain experiences which improves their knowledge. These methods have posed in a way which improve students'  creativity, question solving ability and interest in teamwork.

In this method, the abilities which are needed for their  future, will be improved.  A future in which motivation, the power of creativity, innovation and teamwork are among the key factors.

The fields of skills


Coordinating the organs of the body for doing one activity(handy skills)


Personality formation


Self-esteem(with emphasizing on creativity)


Expansion of social communication


Making awareness of the world around


Therefore, considering the effective role of the Educational Lego in developing the creativity and  question solving skill, we have considered a Lego class once a week for students at preschool and first and second grades of elementary school.