KoosheshPayandeh cultural _ educational institute was stablished in 1997(1374) with the aim of providing special educational and cultural services. Modern teaching based on the new teaching theories of the world, gainig the first place in scientific and educational competitions of Tehran city, Islamic training on the basis of human ethics, creating divine attitude and deepening the spirit of research in students, participation in international scientific competitions and the possibility of competing with the world's best schools, are some of the goals of this institution, which, with the help of God , a great part of these goals have been happened.

Achieving good and wanted results at the State and Azad University Entrance Exam, final examinations , Olympiads and the scientific, cultural and sports competitions, has attracted the attention of the students and their respectable families in the city of Tehran, so that in the recent years, the pre-registration steps of the entrance exam of Kooshesh schools begin in February(Bahman).

The various educational levels of the complex are located only in district 3 and now the acceptance of students from preschool to preuniversity level is done every year in five educational units through the entrance exam and scientific, cultural and psychological interviews.

Addresses and phone calls of the units are available in the Contact section.